Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Read On

In case you have forgotten this, in case you've forgotten who I am and why you love me, read on. Read this and then go back and read everything else I've written here. The words that aren't even for you are written with your reaction in mind first. In case you have forgotten this, in case you have forgotten who I am and why you ever loved me in the first place, read on. Read this sentence and let it be the one that reminds you that I'm the kind of person too young to know what a mix tape is, and I still have some I listen to everyday anyway. And this one is here to tell you that there's always a pen or a brush in my hand or keys beneath my fingers and whichever one it is this time has grooves that match my fingers (mine - no one else's) from being held and loved, from supporting me when the world fell apart around me and the ground gave way when nothing else was there. This one, this one is important, probably more important than any of the others could ever even dream of being; this one is important because its soul purpose is to let you see me again when I am gone - my hair never stays the same for long, my band T-shirts are in boxes somewhere I've never been, and all my jeans are too tight, you love to laugh at the color of my eyes because my eyes are two perfectly rounded mood rings always changing colors constantly telling you the things that can't be made into sounds and when they can they get caught in my throat so you can't hear them anyway. In case you have forgotten this, in case you have forgotten who I am and why you loved me for so damn long, read on. Read on and let it end with the simple reasoning being a single phrase I didn't say enough when I should have:

it's because I love you. 

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