Saturday, August 30, 2014

Turn Around

"Where would we be if I hadn't thrown my halo off the clouds and given my wings away before I jumped down myself?

The ash won't wash away from my hands nor will the dirt on my face and it feels like the cuts will never heal because the previous scars still haven't begun to fade. It's like the night we watched the sky fall down and counted the stars as they began to die when everything went black and the smoke continued to rise. " you thought to yourself as you walked around exploring your new town.

"Oh angel, why was it always so hard to breathe whenever you were around? Aren't you supposed to take my hand and hold my heart, make everything okay as we watch the world around us fall apart?" I wondered night after night from the safety of my room dancing in the chaos of simple songs with newly weighted lyrics.

Then days passed and we got further and further away from each other. You ran in one direction and I followed in the wrong direction. Until someone saw the pain in your eyes and asked, "Where has your sinner gone? You need them to balance out your purity. Even angel's should know that's the way 'God' has you play the game,"  which left you broken on the sidewalk asking why the swallows dance above the sun and where we would be without all the delirium.

Oh angel, I thought breathing was difficult when you were here, only now do I understand how completely impossible it was before.

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