Monday, February 9, 2015

Waiting for Life to Begin


There you go again capturing the smile of an angel on film, the voice of the wind on tape, the memory of hope on demand. You're a soul in love - real, true, honest love; it's the kind of love millions wait entire lifetimes for. Capture their beauty the way Di Vinci caught Mona Lisa and play them back like Beethoven's symphonies. Remember this the way you remember the feeling of flight as you jumped from the swing set when you were little, like your first kiss, like being the ruler of the world when you turned  eighteen; remember this, it'll do you well someday. Let the words flow from your mind the way water rushes over rocks and down hill, ask if there's anyone else out there to prove your point as tears fall and you swear that their beauty still puts heaven to shame. 

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