Friday, February 20, 2015

Up, Up, and Away

"I will travel and I will see the world, you can come with me if you want," she explained as she tapped the shoulder of the stranger beside her.

"I... I don't even know you," they stumbled.

She smiled, "That's the point. We can learn more about ourselves if we're discovering our surroundings and each other."

There was a silence as the person went back to reading their newspaper or magazine as though they had no idea that someone else was even there. After almost an hour and the flipping of many pages they looked up with a slight grunt of dissatisfaction they mused, "You're still here?"

She nodded, "My offer still stands," as she stood up and reached out to push the door to the next terminal open someone else became the door as they in their own world did the same. This new person fell over and pulled her down with them. Both blurted out their apologies and began to regain themselves.

"I meant to do that," he explained as he pulled her close again, "I heard that. I saw them turn down your offer. I'm on my way to terminal B, my ex decided not to show and you can have her ticket. I'd love to find myself and I know you don't have it all figured out; but you seem like you do and that's enough for me. The way you handled rejection, the sparkle in your eye when you felt your back pressed to my chest, it's all clear, you are here and you are doing exactly what I want to do and you know that almost everything's better when you've got someone with you. Well, look, just listen, when I was younger someone told me that it's almost always better to do what feels good than to do what might be logical. This feels good to me. Going somewhere new, sitting on a plane for sixteen hours, meeting you, getting lost together, and finding ourselves all over again is the most illogical, best feeling thoughtless plan I've ever had. Believe me, I know you don't know me and I'm sure you think I'm crazy, but please, my offer's open until the plane leaves."

Time went on, others got up and went through gates, they shuffled from place to place and conversation to conversation, passing through the open doorway with soft groans and underhanded slurs towards the people in each others arms on the floor in the middle of a busy airport - but otherwise Time went on with no notion of the world they were moments away from creating.

She grabbed his hand and helped him get back on his feet, "Sure!" she laughed as the stranger with the magazine or newspaper from earlier began to head their way and tilt is head in their direction as he passed.

"Good luck," they called back to the reckless kids. Laughing. Completely content in the pure bliss of their spontaneous new idea. And off they went, to see the world.

All the while, never knowing the other's name. 

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