Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To the Right

Every day you come home, drop your bag, kick off your shoes, get a drink of some kind, and find me. You open up the webbed mess of pixels, data, and mostly useless information, search for the right combination of symbols and find me across a million wires. You close your eyes and take a deep breath before letting your eyes move across a row of glyphs trying to understand and then when you catch your eyes glazing over the words you take another deep breath and realize that yet again I know exactly how you feel. You take a minute to think about that before using the links on the right side to choose previous (or possibly future now) entries to read or reread. Enough other pieces to help you grasp the idea that strangers can be friends, that someone you've met and probably never will know really are listening. That they do honestly care, that they do know what today did to you and how yesterday impacted you so greatly that you'll still feel it tomorrow. Which is exactly why you should click the links to the right. Right now. . .

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