Sunday, April 10, 2016

Heartshapped Bandages

I forgive you -

because in my mind

band-aids still make

the pain go away

just like when

we were little

pushing each other

on the swings so we

could watch each other

jump off

skinning our knees

on the wood chips

so we had another

story to tell.

Just like when

we were playing with

the dog next door and

he got too excited

scratching at us for more

that night we bled

together in the living room

while watching the

Land Before Time movies

and eating twizzlers

cleaning out the cuts

every hour on the hour

turning our dolls to the wall

so they didn’t have nightmares

from the sight of blood.

I forgive you -

because even though

it’s been ten years,

we’re still young. . .

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