Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Tides Returned

You never used to be so poetic, words weren't ever your strong suit at all  but neither were numbers spelled out in equations. Romanticism  was never your friend and the way we always stayed in made me feel like you were ashamed of me - like I was an embarrassment of a lover. So I broke myself down and I lied, I tore you to shreds and I ran away long before you had the sense to call an ambulance. I didn't realize that our love made you so unstable, and how could I when you were never even there?

So don't let my return drag your heart up to the shore from the furthest, darkest depths if you're going to take that as false hope and try to steal someone else's chance t happiness.

Maybe we both made mistakes, but there was a reason I left and you stayed in that world you created in your head. 

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