Sunday, November 22, 2015

Left to Wonder

We just needed time to go our separate ways,
the kind of time that makes you wonder
what you have where you are and what you want
in the nearing days. The days that lie ahead

in wake and wonder, ready to make
all your past dreams come true.

With promises unbroken and stories
begging to be told, there's something
about the future that welcomed this -

these moments we needed just to sit

by the ocean listening to the waves,
tracing our footprints along the shore,
ranting with the stars above our heads,
visiting the places that hold memories

remembering everything, forgetting nothing.

We just needed time to figure all this out,
days turned into weeks and weeks morphed
into months, which blended into years. . .

I hope you haven't decided on coming back,
because I've found someplace new and
another heart to call my permanent home.

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