Friday, October 30, 2015

Trick or Treating with Memories

This year Halloween will be different. I will smile at darkness and giggle at thunder. I'll throw my head back and cast spells on the stars. I might kill off the ghost living in your room down the hall and melt the witch who keeps coming by to borrow a cup of tears here and a spoonful of blood there. Maybe I'll put banshees out of work because without you here to hold me in your arms the pain is far too much to bear and my screams are worse than all of theirs all put together. It might be fun to scare away vampires without all of Hollywood's tricks and haunt the zombies so much that they forget what they do, believe and eat. This Halloween will be different than the rest.

Maybe, just maybe you'll show up at my front door once again. Or perhaps it'll be better just because it's somewhere new.  

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