Saturday, October 10, 2015

Child's Play

It was first grade, you called me ugly I called you stupid - it was cute, nothing more. Until a few years later, I let you in you had me sit by the fire and moved the hair out of my face, but nothing happened.

Spring break wouldn't come soon enough you came home with me and played basketball - I skinned my knee, you put me on the counter, it was just to take the pain away. Wasn't it?

I was tired of being alone and you made me feel like someone was actually going to hold me up for a while, you put your lips to mine - it was so unnatural, uncomfortable.

November brought color to leaves and a chill to the air that I just couldn't take, you tried to warm
things up - but I was too young for that.

We were friends, it wasn't supposed to be like that - now you're gone and I don't know whether you
were bliss or poison and I'm not sure why the hell I poisoned you.

Rescued me from myself and literally built me heaven, here we are today and kisses from you don't make me miss a thing, because this is too good to have lived without.

I've loved a lot of people but darling, you're the only one that matters - burning lips and all.

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