Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Widening Faults

"I just saw in the news that there was an earthquake near you. I hope you were not affected. Thinking of you. Love, me."

"Really, you love me? That's why you said we couldn't drive the night before the most important factor in my future thus far, that's why you haven't gotten the hint from my lack of responses to your messages, that's why you decided to hurt us indirectly with every chance you get. Yeah, sure, I "love" you too, because honestly, I don't give a damn how you feel because I don't think you really give a shit about us."

Then there was silence. A long pause that stretched itself out for months on end. I hope you finally got the message. I don't need you around anymore, I haven't since I learned to walk. And I don't want you around either, because all you do is remind me why the world is so cold - it's filled with people like you. 

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