Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hell Called For You Again

Just so you know, I think of you often. I think of you fondly. I think of you seldomly. I do not miss you, but I love every nook and cranny of your ghost.

Just so you know, you're the kind of phantom that proposes marriage on a whim. The kind of demon that wins hearts effortlessly. The kind of giant that wants to feel small. No - you are not a fairy or an angel.

And I have fallen into the hands of Darkness. Just so you know, this kills me. It rips me open from the center out.

It kicks and screams. It burns like fire lapping at flesh. It's a new beginning that sure as hell feels like the end of all ends.

Just so you know, I abhor you for leaving, but I've never loved you any more than I love you now.

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