Thursday, March 16, 2017

As the River Flows

There cannot always be rainbows in the sky
otherwise they'd lose their beauty - their importance.

And every time it rains flowers are sure to follow
as they poke their pretty little heads up and out
from underneath their cozy blankets of grass covered dirt.

There is something enticing about fire
raging through dry brush in California summertime
that leads to springtime births of hummingbird friends
and birds' nests popping up like polka-dots dancing.

I know it melts the snow as winter begs not to die
and I'm well aware how leaves write the eulogy
so effortlessly as the days slowly countdown
to a new year - but only seasonally.

Sometimes, if we're lucky it can also be
emotionally. Like when moss covers stone
and cypress facing north only - until spring comes.

Sunshine blocked by windy days
and clouds stars die in our hands

as moonlight fades the way you did.

But darling, spring is here - finally

you can shed this skin and bloom again. 

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