Monday, November 21, 2016

The Crazy Parody of Nonsense Rambles

And i know im not always the best listener, i get sidetracked and confused i lose myself in my own little word. I know im not the girl of your dreams, I don't look good without make up and im too big in some areas and way too tiny in others. I know that my heart is falling apart its tied together with all sorts of useless things and my memory holds on to more of the bad than the good. but I try. I am also a dreamer, so i imagine what life could be. I imagine me and you. I think of all the places we could see and things we could do. I envision you happier than ever before and sometimes I let myself pretend im the reason for that joy. So right now I'm seeing the world so much darker than it really is, but tomorrow, I promise I'll see the blindingly good side instead, so long as you'll give me the night to make the change. Oh and I know my heart is small, but i love you with every ounce of love everyone alive or dead has ever had to give and i love you for so much more than just that.

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