Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In the Midddle

Your beautiful electronic voice never
ceases to amaze me...

And perhaps this is why I've spent
so many years believing myself
to have fallen in love with you
without ever once
having seen your face,
or felt your touch.

There's something about poetry
that lends your soul to me
for a few moments at a time

well I say moments,
but hours are more accurate.

I read your works a thousand times each
before you strip them of your name
and their linked homes.

But never will it be enough
because your electronic voice

is an aspect of you
that almost replicates the

Cheshire cat.

You're here BUT
you're always missing parts
and you've got this huge grin
that takes up my entire monitor
through only the amount of sheer

joy that flows through even the most
heartrending of your works.

Just so you know,
you don't have to read this
for it to be any more or less true,

but I wish I knew how to say to you
that your works transport me to a world
completely unlike anything else I've ever known -

and I've ventured through many a poet's soul.

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