Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NaPoWriMo #7 2017 Forget About Tomorrow

There are no tears I'm wanting to cry,
but there's still not enough coffee in
the world to drown me deep enough
or keep me awake for everything
I have to do tomorrow.

Saying goodbye even for a few days,
kills me, and even though you've got on
a brave face, like most boys your age,
your eyes show pieces of you falling away.

So for now, let's build one more
pillow fort and play stuffed animal
dodge ball, like when we were young,
I'll even let you scout for materials first.

Then we'll have at it,
little to no rules (except
the obvious, no breaking stuff)
and when it's all over,
the winner (you) gets
any lunch they want.

Mac and cheese?

Or have your tastes changed since
the days of Saturday morning cartoons
climbing trees just for the perfect pictures?

Either way, it doesn't matter,
lunch is on me, so that the coming
goodbye, godspeed, see you soon,
won't be so bad, so it won't

cut so deeply. 

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