Saturday, December 17, 2016

A TSI Goodbye

There once was a time when the pain of missing you was just so unbearable that I wrote you letters just to tear them up. Finally I realized that you weren't coming back so I changed the locks to my heart and the color of my hair. I played more games and read less books and I used your nickname as a password or two whenever anyone asked if I've ever been hurt I sighed before saying that I didn't know. Now I'm here, writing even more about you, after saying I wouldn't, just to ask if being abandoned by someone you never had a chance with is anything like the pain that comes with walking out on someone you've loved all along. I thought I was going to be okay - but I'm not. I thought I was over you but there was never any sort of goodbye. I thought we could work something out, but you didn't even try.

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