Sunday, October 30, 2016

Blood Just isn't Make Up

This year just won't be the same, no dressing up to wander endless streets together as we pretend to be people we could only ever dream of meeting. No crazy stories of witches on broomsticks flying over the world as they search for the perfect ingredients for the universe's best ever monster stew (they forgot the lovers like me and you.) No children dressed as vampires and ghosts coming to our door for candy and jokes, because you're not here to make them laugh or get me off the couch. There won't be maliciously playful jack-o-lanterns beside castles and mansions as they line the driveway and street. There will be no scary movies til dawn or popcorn just a little too black or apple cider with your secret recipe. I guess there won't be any fading grey black and white photographs of us in cemeteries downtown or haunted houses at the fair. You're not here and because you are the ghost haunting my every thought. And you are gone, have fun wherever you are because this year just won;t be the same. Just know spiders have taken over the bed and bats love the kitchen, mice live behind the television, and candles flicker almost peacefully through the halls.

Cards aren't being played and no music fills the room or gives me any reason to dance. Ghosts quoting all the best things you've ever said. Spiders forming webs over locked boxes of our memories - unforgotten yet ignored for countless months. Daemons begging for pain to feast on, trying to make me miss you more than I already do and convincing me I should want to tear you to shreds for leaving me, again. Witches came through collecting tears of the broken hearted and blood of the dead thing living on the inside of me, for spells and potions more insane than our wildest dreams. Banshees are afraid of me because this hurt makes my screams and useless fits worse than theirs. It's all because of you and this year Halloween will be beyond memorable.

Even without the memories you promised we would have. At least now you understand why I always said Halloween was my favorite holiday; I get to be every monster ever known to any man without anyone realizing that is exactly who I really am.

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