Thursday, September 29, 2016

Heartbeats Too Long Deferred

Someday in the coming age
     I hope to soar --
to fly like a bird
     and know my voice is heard.

Sometime soon in the coming weeks
     it'd mean a lot to me
just to find others
     ready to share my dream.

Something's coming soon --
     a change of ways,
a birth of days --
     listen well, I'll be back.

Ready to share my verse
     like a bird.
A nighting gale
      to be precise.

But should this song be forgotten
      with the coming tide
I'll understand these cobalt skies
       and find a hole to reside.

And as broken as my wings may be
       Darling, remember me please.
Always growing and moving on,
     listen still for my song.

As the sun sets and stars shine
    you and I will crawl more
whispering how it's not our time.

                   Knowing full well, we'll sing never. . . 

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