Friday, July 1, 2016

Push Comes To Shove

I would never compare you to a snowflake

you're just too plain. Simple, little girl,
but don't give yo, I'm thoroughly impressed.
You got out of that little home town of yours
and chased your innocent, flavorless,
antibacterial dreams, but it wasn't enough.

I would never compare you to ice cream

even though you melt under pressure
and freeze at the thought of their kindness.
Show me how pretty the world is, maybe then
you'll sprout fairy wings and fly to happiness,
because this isn't who you are.

I would never compare you to an angel,

you're just not that bright. Honey, sweetie,
listen to me, please. Honestly, you were adorable,
but you won't make it out here in this big city.
Go back home, while you still know the way,
or you'll be dreaming in cellophane again.

I want to say all these things you need to hear,
but I respect you way too much for that, Love.

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