Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Teenage Angst

Just so you know, my habits may seem a little off-putting and at times maybe even disgusting. But I am merely a snake shedding my skin so I no longer have to taste the lie covered lips that first introduced me to that thing you call a "kiss". And I let myself bleed whenever possible because it is the only remotely safe way to expel all the poisons from the negative energies that so easily find their way to me each and every single goddamn day. Oh and should you ever walk in to find me drowning myself in ink, cold coffee, and rum don't worry. I'll be perfectly sober in the morning, my thoughts just have a way of running away at night. Just so you know, I am perfectly sane and safe enough to love.

I'm just not stable.

Adreamer searching for herself

All photo credits go to a friend of mine.

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