Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'll Remember

I know you remember playing tag over a rose
and "begging for mercy" as I blew your pixilated head off -
you remember the first time we stayed up 
all night just trying to imagine ourselves in the arms
of the other. I know you remember, because I remember.

You remember, I know, all the empty moments
and pen drawings just to feel like I belonged somewhere,
you remember the Italian restaurant and the 
four other people at the table sitting just as awkwardly
as us - if not that then the ice cream afterward

and our first kiss in the hotel. You remember 
waking up and asking yourself if the girl in your arms
was real - I know you do, you became a poet over it! 
Oh, and what about helping us move in, 
you remember that because we slept on the floor
huddled together for warmth inside a blanket fort.

I know you remember the year we've filled with greatness,
but should you forget someday, I hope you know
that I'll forever be grateful for the time we had together
so I'll continue to remember for both of us. 

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