Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Dakota, Hey There Delilah

We've always been the far kind of close. The kind of far where all you know about each other is what you make up in your mind about the routines they hold on so strongly to. Where you see each other every day and the sound of their voice brings butterflies to life in your stomach. And you know it's not love, but there's still something that pulls you further from shore with every step they take in the wrong direction. It's one of those times when talking to strangers is the only way you have to make friends you actually like and every other word of caution from your friends and family is forgotten. The silence is welcoming and the lack of communication says so much more than words or pictures ever could. We've always been the far kind of close, now that I'm gone, wouldn't you like to be the close kind of far?

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